This documentation was written to describe the 1.7.x series of Apache™ Subversion®. If you are running a different version of Subversion, you are strongly encouraged to visit and instead consult the version of this documentation appropriate for your version of Subversion.

Chapter 9. Subversion Complete Reference

Table of Contents

svn—Subversion Command-Line Client
svn Options
svn Subcommands
svn add
svn blame (praise, annotate, ann)
svn cat
svn changelist (cl)
svn checkout (co)
svn cleanup
svn commit (ci)
svn copy (cp)
svn delete (del, remove, rm)
svn diff (di)
svn export
svn help (h, ?)
svn import
svn info
svn list (ls)
svn lock
svn log
svn merge
svn mergeinfo
svn mkdir
svn move (mv)
svn patch
svn propdel (pdel, pd)
svn propedit (pedit, pe)
svn propget (pget, pg)
svn proplist (plist, pl)
svn propset (pset, ps)
svn relocate
svn resolve
svn resolved
svn revert
svn status (stat, st)
svn switch (sw)
svn unlock
svn update (up)
svn upgrade
svnadmin—Subversion Repository Administration
svnadmin Options
svnadmin Subcommands
svnadmin crashtest
svnadmin create
svnadmin deltify
svnadmin dump
svnadmin help (h, ?)
svnadmin hotcopy
svnadmin list-dblogs
svnadmin list-unused-dblogs
svnadmin load
svnadmin lslocks
svnadmin lstxns
svnadmin pack
svnadmin recover
svnadmin rmlocks
svnadmin rmtxns
svnadmin setlog
svnadmin setrevprop
svnadmin setuuid
svnadmin upgrade
svnadmin verify
svnlook—Subversion Repository Examination
svnlook Options
svnlook Subcommands
svnlook author
svnlook cat
svnlook changed
svnlook date
svnlook diff
svnlook dirs-changed
svnlook filesize
svnlook help (h, ?)
svnlook history
svnlook info
svnlook lock
svnlook log
svnlook propget (pget, pg)
svnlook proplist (plist, pl)
svnlook tree
svnlook uuid
svnlook youngest
svnsync—Subversion Repository Mirroring
svnsync Options
svnsync Subcommands
svnsync copy-revprops
svnsync help
svnsync info
svnsync initialize (init)
svnsync synchronize (sync)
svnrdump—Remote Subversion Repository Data Migration
svnrdump Options
svnrdump Subcommands
svnrdump dump
svnrdump help
svnrdump load
svnserve—Custom Subversion Server
svnserve Options
svndumpfilter—Subversion History Filtering
svndumpfilter Options
svndumpfilter Subcommands
svndumpfilter exclude
svndumpfilter include
svndumpfilter help
svnversion—Subversion Working Copy Version Info
mod_dav_svn—Subversion Apache HTTP Server Module
mod_dav_svn Configuration Directives
mod_authz_svn—Subversion Apache HTTP Authorization Module
mod_authz_svn Configuration Directives
Subversion Properties
Versioned Properties
Unversioned Properties
Repository Hooks

This chapter is intended to be a complete reference to using Subversion. It includes command summaries and examples for all the command-line tools provided as part of the stock Subversion distribution, configuration information for the Subversion server modules, and other information that lends itself to a reference format.