This documentation was written to describe the 1.7.x series of Apache™ Subversion®. If you are running a different version of Subversion, you are strongly encouraged to visit and instead consult the version of this documentation appropriate for your version of Subversion.


svnadmin upgrade — Upgrade a repository to the latest supported schema version.


svnadmin upgrade REPOS_PATH


Upgrade the repository located at REPOS_PATH to the latest supported schema version.

This functionality is provided as a convenience for repository administrators who wish to make use of new Subversion functionality without having to undertake a potentially costly full repository dump and load operation. As such, the upgrade performs only the minimum amount of work needed to accomplish this while still maintaining the integrity of the repository. While a dump and subsequent load guarantee the most optimized repository state, svnadmin upgrade does not.

[Warning] Warning

You should always back up your repository before upgrading.




Upgrade the repository at path /var/repos/svn:

$ svnadmin upgrade /var/repos/svn
Repository lock acquired.
Please wait; upgrading the repository may take some time...

Upgrade completed.