This documentation was written to describe the 1.7.x series of Apache™ Subversion®. If you are running a different version of Subversion, you are strongly encouraged to visit and instead consult the version of this documentation appropriate for your version of Subversion.


svnlook filesize — Print the size (in bytes) of a versioned file.


svnlook filesize REPOS_PATH PATH_IN_REPOS


Print the file size (in bytes) of the file located at PATH_IN_REPOS in the HEAD revision of the repository identified by REPOS_PATH as a base-10 integer followed by an end-of-line character. Use the --revision (-r) and --transaction (-t) options to specify a version of the file other than HEAD whose file size you wish to display.



The following demonstrates how to display the size of the trunk/vendors/deli/soda.txt file as it appeared in revision 40 of our sample repository:

$ svnlook filesize -r 40 /var/svn/repos trunk/vendors/deli/soda.txt