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svn propedit (pedit, pe) — 编辑一个或多个项目的版本化属性, 参考后面的 svn propset (pset, ps).


svn propedit PROPNAME TARGET...

svn propedit PROPNAME --revprop -r REV [TARGET]


在编辑器中编辑一个或多个项目属性. 命令的第一种形式在工作副本中编辑 版本化的属性; 第二种形式在仓库的版本号上编辑非版本化的属性 (可选参数 TARGET 指定仓库的 URL).



svn propedit 非常适合编辑属性值比较复杂的属性.

$ svn propedit svn:keywords foo.c 

    # svn will open in your favorite text editor a temporary file
    # containing the current contents of the svn:keywords property.  You
    # can add multiple values to a property easily here by entering one
    # value per line.  When you save the temporary file and exit,
    # Subversion will re-read the temporary file and use its updated
    # contents as the new value of the property.

Set new value for property 'svn:keywords' on 'foo.c'