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svnadmin freeze — Prevent commits to the repository while running an arbitary program.


svnadmin freeze REPOS_PATH PROGRAM [ARG...]

svnadmin freeze --file FILENAME PROGRAM [ARG...]


This subcommand prevents concurrent commits to the repository REPOS_PATH (i.e. it freezes the repository) while running PROGRAM with ARG arguments. Clients trying to commit concurrently will wait until the repository becomes available again. The subcommand is intended for backup purposes so that third-party backup tools such as rsync can be safely used on a live repository.

If --file option is used, then all repositories listed in FILENAME will froze. The file format is a list of REPOS_PATH separated by newlines. Repositories freeze in the same order as they are listed in the file.



Freeze the repository and run rsync to make its backup:

$ svnadmin freeze /var/svn/repos -- rsync -av /var/svn/repos /backup/repos